I’m a web and iOS developer, currently located in Gainesville, Florida. I’m an intern at Parisleaf and a student at the University of Florida.

This is my personal website. Sometimes I write things and publish them here. Topics include technology, movies, and occasionally some current events and politics. For more context, start here.

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How it’s made

This site is built using Wintersmith, a static-site generator powered by Node.js, and hosted in an Amazon S3 bucket. Other tools include:

  • Sass, a CSS extension language and pre-processor.
  • Compass, a Sass stylesheet framework.
  • Susy, a Compass plugin for responsive grids.
  • CoffeeScript, a programming language that compiles to JavaScript.
  • Jade, a Node templating language.
  • Grunt, a task runner for JavaScript.
  • Git, for version control.

Check out the source code at this site’s GitHub repo.


You’re welcome to reuse/repuporse/steal any of the code, but the content and images are under the MIT license. No touching.