markdownAsides will return

Update! markdownAsides has been reborn as jQuery.sidenotes. Read more about it and visit the project page.

One of the things that got lost in the transition to my new set-up is my jQuery plugin markdownAsides. On previous iterations of this blog, I used it to transform Markdown Extra style footnotes into sidenotes. As of now, the project page for that plugin returns a 404. This is temporary and will be fixed soon.

Perhaps you think I’ve neglected it, which isn’t entirely false. But in fact, since I last wrote about markdownAsides it’s been completely rebuilt using best practices. It’s got some cool new features and works better than ever. I intend to open source it on GitHub and register it with Bower (and eventually maybe as a Node package, though it’s really intended for the browser). None of this will be too difficult, although I do have a few other things on my plate at the moment, so it may take some time. I’d like to say it’ll be done within the week but I can’t promise that.

In the meantime, if you’ve come to this site from Google or elsewhere, please be patient. I hope you’ll understand. Check back here in a week or so.